A Quick Refresher On The Perfect Replica Rolex Submariner 5513

Especially when we’ve already done the Reference Points on a particular model, it can feel like we’ve said everything there is to say.

“Welp, good job guys, we did it – we wrote 10,505 words on the luxury fake Rolex Submariner – try and top that,” the very title Reference Points taunts. But there’s still plenty to say about the 5513.

As Reference Points reminds us, Swiss made replica Rolex produced the 5513 from 1962 through 1989, which means it lived a life longer than most domesticated cats. Like a house cat, any particular 5513 isn’t exactly rare or special (just kidding, Marmalade, I love you, my sweet tortie), but as the top copy Rolex 5513 fades further in the rearview, it’s harder to find them in good condition. More than rarity, the condition is what can set a vintage Sub apart.

Submariner 5512 Vs. 5513

AAA quality replica Rolex introduced the Submariner 5513 in 1962, three years after the Submariner 5512. The main difference is on the inside, as the 5513 does not feature a COSC-certified chronometer movement. After its first few years of production, the 5512 always used a chronometer-certified movement. This was signified by the “Superlative Chronometer” text on the dial at six o’clock. The 5512 carried a premium, but the watches are the same otherwise. As the first cheap super clone Rolex Submariner references with crown guards, they laid the groundwork for the next 60 years of the model. While materials have changed, cases have gotten beefier and bracelets sturdier; a 5512 or 5513 is, basically, the same as a modern 124060.

While it would’ve made a difference when these high quality replica watches were originally purchased, nowadays, the chronometer (5512) vs. non-chronometer (5513) doesn’t mean as much. As a matter of taste, some collectors might like the idea of a chronometer more, while others might prefer the minimal two lines of text on a 5513 dial. (I’m mostly the latter – don’t get mad at me, chronometer heads.)

“Sure, the 5512 is rarer, but for the most part, people just want a good-looking Swiss movement fake Rolex Submariner with a little character,” Charlie Dunne, Vice President and Senior Specialist at Wind Vintage, said. It’s often said that you’ll find one 5512 for every 20 5513s, but these are just estimates. For perspective, EveryWatch tracks the secondary market and says there are 137 ref. 5512s available right now, while there are 764 ref. 5513s available.

Either way a 5513 in great condition always beats a poor 5512.

“For me, the 5513 is among the ultimate in sports Rolex super clone for sale,” Fratello editor Mike Stockton added. “Despite the fact that I’ve always been partial to the 5512 because my dad wore a battered ’60s example for diving, I deeply respect the top quality replica Rolex Submariner 5513.” This illustrates the larger point: Any preference between the two references is mostly personal.

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