Best Quality Rolex Oysterquartz Fake Watches For Sale Online

The Swiss made fake Rolex Oysterquartz is a fascinating watch. Not only does it smash the myth that “Rolex watches don’t tick” but it also hearkens back to a time when Rolex really pushed the envelope. I know we have a few readers who really love the model, including one who recently picked up a fantastic birthyear example (Warky, this one’s for you!). This past week, I tried a luxury replica Rolex Oysterquartz on my wrist for the first time. That got me thinking long and hard about the potential in its design.

Especially in the current climate of integrated-bracelet hype, the 1:1 fake Rolex Oysterquartz could be the “alternative” we didn’t realize we needed. And, at least as of December 2021, it’s one discontinued Rolex model that still represents relatively good value. I’ll admit, I haven’t stayed super up-to-date on its pricing trajectory in recent years. I was surprised, however, when I tried on the piece, and I realized it was the cheapest Rolex replica watches in the entire well-stocked shop. For a watch of such importance, it really felt like a bargain. But before we get into what I think the Oysterquartz could offer you today, let’s take a look back at where it came from in the first place. Hop in the time machine with me, and buckle up, my friends. Our first stop is 1970 with the release of “The Texan”.

The first Rolex quartz watch ever
While some may assume the Oysterquartz was best quality replica Rolex’s first quartz watch, it actually didn’t debut until 1977. A whole seven years earlier, however, The Crown released the aptly named Rolex Quartz, reference 5100. It was nicknamed “The Texan” for its opulent solid gold construction and 40mm diameter. It was huge for the time, but everything’s bigger in Texas! Weighing in at nearly 200g of yellow or white gold, it was an absolute beast of a watch almost 52 years ago. As a watch with a quartz movement was an experiment for the brand, AAA fake Rolex produced the Quartz on pre-order only, and in a run of supposedly just 1,000 pieces. Cases with higher numbers have been found, however, leading to some uncertainty about the true number in circulation.

Though the fluted bezel and dial had Datejust vibes going on, the case itself was unlike anything Rolex replica for sale had ever produced before. With its slab-sided profile, cushion shape, and integrated bracelet, it was a tremendous departure from the popular, round Oyster case aesthetic. But to be honest, it’s a design that I think would find favor among many watch enthusiasts today. As futuristic as it may have looked 52 years ago, The Crown seemed to have been decades ahead of its time.

At the heart of The Texan was the Swiss Beta 21 quartz movement, the brainchild of the Centre Electronique Horloger. The movement was hand-built and quite thick at 6.2mm, which contributed in part to the size of the watch. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Omega, and IWC, among several others, would also use the caliber until its discontinuation in 1972. That year, high quality fake Rolex would also discontinue The Texan, and spend the next five years developing its own in-house Oysterquartz calibers. Though in my opinion, reference 5100 still looks very modern today, prices for these replica watches online start at around $20,000. If we’re talking value-packed alternatives to the Royal Oak or Nautilus, with prices like that, The Texan doesn’t make much sense.

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