Swiss Movement Rolex Replica Watches Online

As the most famous watch brand in the entire world, it comes as no surprise to learn that perfect replica Rolex is also one of the most expensive. Funnily enough, many of its watches are actually some of the cheapest in this list, and by a long, long way—if you can get them. Sky high demand means that there’s no end of customers seeking to get on the waiting list, and that’s made used Rolex fake watches for sale very expensive indeed.

For example, the most expensive 1:1 super clone Rolex sold at retail today is the Daytona Rainbow, a gem-set piece that fetches around $100,000 new. That lucky customer can immediately sell it on for at least $500,000, and could potentially hold out for a $1m if they were feeling lucky.

But the most expensive AAA quality replica Rolex ever sold cost significantly more. Another Daytona, this time famed Hollywood actor and racing driver Paul Newman’s own, sold at auction for a whopping $18m.

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