This stainless steel 1:1 fake Rolex worth Rs 5.6 lakh is what Roger Federer wore to his farewell

It’s been an emotional weekend for Tennis fans with Roger Federer putting one final punctuation to his storied tennis career by teaming up with long-time rival Rafael Nadal during a doubles match at the Laver Cup.

The tennis ace, known not only for his unparalleled grand slam winning record but also for the exceptional style and grace he brought to the game, was seen sitting beside his frenemy-in-chief Rafael Nadal, in an era-defining visual. Both champions were seen fervently wiping tears, marking the end of what has been one of the international sports’ greatest rivalries-turned-friendships. With such heavy emotions buzzing in the air, it was easy for tennis fans to miss what has been Federer’s other constant throughout his perfect tennis career. Swiss made fake Rolex.

AAA super clone Rolex is more closely associated with tennis than any other watch brand in history, and while the brand has been good at spotting budding talent, none have quite represented the brand’s own values as well as Roger Federer, whose impeccable record, both on and off the court, and whose unmatched grace makes him a dream brand ambassador of sorts.

Even though Federer never wore a watch on the court, most of his iconic off-court moments saw a glistening 1:1 fake Rolex accompany his wrist. And his Laver Cup farewell was no different. Watch aficionados were quick to notice a Rolex wrapped around the immortal arm with which he was frequently wiping his tears. The tennis legend was seen wearing a 2022 cheap replica Rolex Air King (ref 126900) in stainless steel. The Air King name was revived back in 2016, with a 40mm stainless steel piece.

The new one, however, while retaining the same size, gets a new crown guard and a new case design that’s in line with high quality fake Rolex’s other professional watches such as the GMT-Master II. The Air King is a simple watch with only one function – telling time. Unlike other Rolex Watches, it doesn’t even get a date window. It is its singularity of purpose that makes it unique. Much like Federer’s own. Swiss movement replica Rolex is to timekeeping what Federer is to tennis.

I reckon it’s no accident that this particular copy watch was chosen as Fed’s farewell watch. On a day featuring several moments that will go down in the sport’s history, it’s best to keep things simple. A bi-directional bezel, multiple counters would only clutter things up. Besides, given the magic he could create when his racquet struck that green felt ball, Federer’s a king in his own right. For having been a part of the final chapter in Federer’s tennis journey, the 2022 Rolex Air King replica for sale is now immortal.

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