1981 High End Rolex GMT-Master Ref. 16753 ‘Root Beer’ Replica Watches

I don’t usually love two-tone. This may or may not have something to do with the branded Swiss made fake Rolex phrase, “Rolesor,” (which is their own special made-up word for the combination of steel and white, yellow, or rose gold). I know we have the world’s biggest champion of bi-metal Rolex replica watches online in Danny Milton, but it wasn’t until I was able to experience an early 70’s steel-and-gold GMT “Root Beer” in person that I started to change my opinion on whether or not these watches were “for me.”

This particular example is a little bit later than the one that made me fall in love with the watch bearing the sassafras-derived nickname. Where I might skew toward the earliest reference of the watches I like, the 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master 16753 would be my choice of preference as the quick change date is a big time-saver, especially if your collection allows you the luxury of not wearing the same watch for several days.

However, as this best quality copy watch was made early in the life of the 16753, it retains my favorite visual elements from its predecessor – specifically, the matte brown dial and the smaller “nipple” dial markers. A point of interest, the early steel and gold AAA replica Rolex GMT-Masters had an applied coronet but by the time 1980 rolled around, Rolex seemed to think that painted logos were the way to go.

Another thing that attracted me to the most brown of the Swiss movement fake Rolex references was its appearance on Ronny Chieng’s episode of Talking Watches. Then I noticed one on Randall Park’s wrist on an episode of Conan, looking very casual paired with a leather NATO strap. Last, but certainly not least, is probably its most notable wearer: Blondie himself, Clint Eastwood. Check out this most agreeable of two-tone super clone watches Paypal, right here.

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