Hands-On With The Swiss Made Fake Rolex Day-Date In Platinum — Reference 228236 And 128236

If you’re a Fratello regular, you might know that I have a weak spot for Swiss made fake Rolex’s flagship. Despite the current situation regarding the availability of watches from this Genevan brand, best 1:1 replica Rolex remains a brand that speaks to one’s imagination. Just as importantly, Rolex is a brand that manufactures incredibly good watches from a quality standpoint.

Rolex Day-Date in Platinum
During the Watches & Wonders 2022 exhibition, where top copy Rolex gave acte de présence for the first time ever, the brand showed us the new Air-King, a new left-handed GMT-Master II, and several Yacht-Master references. But besides these sports watches, cheap replica Rolex also introduced a new Day-Date in platinum — reference 228236 for the 40mm version and 128236 for the 36mm version.

The Swiss fake Rolex Day-Date in platinum isn’t new and is often easily recognizable thanks to its ice-blue dial. What’s new to this model, however, is the use of the platinum fluted bezel. Rolex let us know that up until now, it wasn’t possible to manufacture an AAA fake Rolex Day-Date in platinum other than with a smooth bezel. From now on, however, the platinum Day-Date will only be available with a platinum fluted bezel or one set with diamonds.

Fluted bezel in platinum
Just like gold, platinum is a precious material, but unlike gold, platinum isn’t easy to machine and polish due to its characteristics. That’s why it was impossible until now for perfect fake Rolex to create the same sharp fluted bezels as on its gold references. I’ve read some comments on Instagram regarding this, but Lex from the Fratello team has also said that he prefers the smooth bezel when it comes to the platinum Rolex Day-Date replica for sale, as it sets it apart from the gold ones. In the past, the white gold Day-Date was also available with a smooth bezel, but not anymore. The combination of the platinum material and the ice-blue dial in particular sets the PT 950 luxury super clone Rolex Day-Date apart from the gold models.

A rare breed
At first glance, today’s platinum Day-Date with the fluted bezel might look very similar to the white gold references. The high quality fake Rolex has solved that, though. The ice-blue dial will take care of it visually. And once you pick up the watch, the heft is something else. A gold watch already has a proper weight to it, but a platinum watch is on a whole other level entirely. With a price tag north of €50K (retail), a platinum Rolex Day-Date replica Paypal is seldom seen in the wild. You’ll often find gold Day-Dates, but the platinum Day-Date remains a rare breed indeed. The platinum Rolex Day-Date has been in the collection since 1956, though. The very first Swiss movement replica Rolex Day-Date reference 6510 was available in this precious metal as well as gold.

The Rolex flagship comes in two sizes
As I’ve written in this article, the Day-Date is a luxury fake Rolex that has been high on my wish list for many years. I don’t have the means for a platinum version, but even if I did, I am not sure I’d go in that direction. If I already had a few top quality replica Rolex Day-Dates, perhaps I wouldn’t mind adding another in platinum to have some variety. That said (and keep an eye on my Instagram account for something incoming in yellow gold) strapping the copy Rolex Day-Date 40 reference 228236 or Day-Date 36 reference 128236 on my wrist did feel special. A Day-Date is not the most popular Rolex replica for sale, but in my opinion, it’s been the flagship model ever since 1956.

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