Have You Ever Seen The Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watch With Sprite Bezel?

Recently we heard the news that Rolex released a brand new model which featured a distinctive sprite bezel, shocking all of us. After seeing the picture of this charming fake Rolex GMT-Master II, everybody must be addicted to the unique appearance of this model.

Zahid Ali designed the distinctive GMT-Master II.
Zahid Ali Designed New Rolex GMT-Master II

We know that Rolex just launched the new GMT-Master II with the blue and black ceramic bezel that caused a heat at Baselworld 2019. Is that true that the fresh model is created by Rolex? Now let us appreciate the beauty of the new timepiece. I promise you will feel the temperament of summer when seeing the picture of the new Rolex copy with black dial.

The yellow and green bezel Rolex looks fresh.
Oystersteel Case Replica Rolex


After confirming with the professionals, we know that it is not from Rolex, instead, a boy who is only 8 years old designed it. Later the watchmaking designer modified it and created this luxury model. So between the blue and black ceramic bezel version and this yellow and green bezel version, which one do you prefer?

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