Introducing Development History Of Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches

The advent of the jet age made the world smaller, but it also led to an unexpected phenomenon – time difference. Now many people are familiar with the time difference but in 1950s, people were still trying to find a method to resist it especially the pilots and passengers who were usually affected by the time difference. So Rolex was asked by Pan Am to develop a wristwatch allowing the wearers to recognize the local time and hometown time from the timepiece. So the black dial copy Rolex ref.6524 was born in the world in 1954.

The first timepiece which can display two time zones was created by Rolex.
Blue And Red Bezel Copy Rolex

From the “Albino”6542 to ref.1675, the blue and red bezel was always the representative of GMT till the release of the GMT-Master II ref.16760 in 1982. In 1990, the case and bracelet had been updated with 904L steel. But later the famous blue and red bezel was announced to be suspended for no one could develop the method to create the Cerachrom bezel with two colors.

The brilliant blue and red bezel has attracted lots of watch fans.
Oystersteel Case Imitation Rolex

Finally in 2013, Rolex found the method to create the Cerachrom in blue and red. In 2018, the Oystersteel bracelet fake Rolex GMT-Master II was launched, satisfying the watch lovers who are interested in the blue and red ceramic bezel version but couldn’t afford the white gold version.

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