Introducing Two Mysteriously Disappearing Rolex Replica Watches

The stories and feelings are important for the wristwatches in addition to the appearance, design and techniques. Recently, a legendary timepiece of Rolex has appeared. It is the black dial copy Rolex GMT-Master that Marlon Brando ever wore. Its appearance has reminded many watch lovers of the 11 pieces of mysteriously disappearing timepieces in the world.

The bezel of this GMT has been removed since the original blue and red bezel is so eye-catching.
Oystersteel Case Rolex GMT-Master Copy Watch

Today I will introduce other mysterious timepieces in the world. Lyndon Baines Johnson was the 36th President of the United States. Referring to the relationship between Rolex and Lyndon Baines Johnson, it is very interesting. The name of the President’s Watch is directly created because of him. Lyndon Baines Johnson loved to wear a perfect fake Rolex Day-Date which had the hidden buckle.

The gold Day-Date has been called as the President Watch.
Gold Bracelet Rolex Day-Date Knockoff

But this noble imitation watch disappeared. Among all the legendary watches, majority of them are Rolex. That is also the reason why Rolex will become the status of the identity of social celebrities.

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