Sotheby’s Will Sell Jim Russell’s Rolex Daytona Replica With Retro Style

Sotheby’s will held the autumn auction in London and a special Rolex Daytona Ref.6239 copy watch with black dial will be auctioned then. Its owner is Jim Russell, a legendary British racing driver.

The Paul New Daytona becomes the most popular antique Rolex watches.
Precise Paul Newman Rolex Daytona Copy Watch

Jim Russell has glorious career and in 1965, he created the world’s famous Jim Russell driving school. I’m sad to tell that he died this year in his 98 years old. The perfect Rolex knockoff watch that will be sold could date back to 1968 which is really an antique Paul Newman Daytona.

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona will be sold by a high price.
Oystersteel Bracelet Replica Rolex

The antique imitation watch has accompanied Jim Russell for more than 50 years and it could help him accomplish the task of calculating the highest speed. The estimated price of the Ref.6239 Paul Newman Daytona is 60,000 pounds to 90,000 pounds.

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