Vintage Rolex Cosmograph “Big Red” Ref.6265 Replica Watches

The antique perfect fake Rolex always has an important status in watchmaking industry especially the Paul Newman Daytona. Did you remember the Paul Newman Daytona that was auctioned by the extremely high price? Today what I will talk is not the Paul Newman Daytona, instead, it is “Big Red” Daytona.

All the elements of the black sub-dials, silver dial and red word exude a distinctive temperament..
Silver Dial Fake Rolex Daytona “Big Red”

In 1970s, the last generation of manual-winding mechanical Daytona were launched, which were the ref.6263 with black bezel and “Big Red” ref.6265.

Why was it called “Big Red” Daytona? The word of Daytona at 6 o’clock position was red. With the black sub-dials and silver dials, the 37 mm Rolex Daytona imitation watch looks more attractive.

The antique Rolex Daytona could be considered as one of the most watches in collection industry.
Oystersteel Bracelet Rolex Imitation

The screw-in crown, panda dial and red word of Daytona make the copy watch with Oystersteel case one of the most eye-catching wristwatches at that time. Now it is rarely seen in secondary market.

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