The Extraordinary Movement Calibre 3255 Of New Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches

In 2015, Rolex brought the new Day-Date with brand-new calibre 3255 to the watch lovers. The calibre 3255 has been protected by 14 patents. Before that, the movement that Rolex equipped was the calibre 31 that launched in 1988.

Datejust has been considered as the paragon of the eternal elegance.
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Now the prominent calibre 3255 is not only used on the Day-Date, the perfect Rolex Datejust copy watches have also been equipped with them. But many watch lovers raised a question of the calibre 3255- the amplitude of the oscillation is extremely low. Many people know that the low amplitude of the oscillation means that the watch will not be accurate.

Day-Date has been chosen by many successful watch lovers.
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In fact, the calibre 32 of Rolex was designed according to the standard of the low amplitude and the attenuation amplitude is in the normal range of the mechanical watches. So the power reserve of the luxurious Rolex Day-Date fake watch is increased from 50 hours to 70 hours. The Defy Lab of Zenith adopts the same theory.

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