1963 Cheap Rolex Explorer Ref. 1016 Replica Watches For Sale

In any imaginative exercise, it’s best to start with what you know. Look, this fake watch collection is fun and not an investment but hang with me here. Warren Buffet said something that got turned into the internet-famous quote “never invest in a business you cannot understand” so I have to at least start with a watch I know and understand. My current everyday watch needs a spot in any hypothetical collection and I won’t apologize for that. If I have $100K to spend and start over, isn’t the ultimate endorsement that I would rebuy one of the high quality replica watches I already own?

This is the cheap fake Rolex Explorer reference 1016 with a gilt, chapter ring dial with an exclamation point marker at six o’clock. It is the perfect iteration of the best sport wristwatch design ever produced. Simple in all the right ways yet endearingly intriguing in every other. Find one with a dial that has retained its gloss like those from 1962 or 1963 and don’t think twice.

Some might say this isn’t a copy watch to be worn every day as it is on the older side and they’re probably right on some level. But hey I live in New York City, commute 20 minutes on a subway, talk to people about Swiss made replica Rolex watches all day, and eat/drink in dimly lit establishments – my vintage 1016 seems to do just fine with everything I throw at it. Cost: $30,000. Remaining: $70,000

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